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Hiring a Realtor for a home purchase is a must. We act as your personal shoppers for North Bay and area real estate, saving you time by doing things like previewing homes for you to eliminate homes that don't meet your requirements. We are always there for you, and will arrange showings and signings to fit your schedule, not ours. We'll even go door-to-door in a neighbourhood or town you like if there aren't any homes for sale that fit your needs to see if owners are interested in selling. We're dedicated to getting you into the home you want.

When you find the home you want, we'll walk you through the negotiations and make sure that we're submitting an offer that is acceptable to you and the seller. We make sure the conditions of the offer are met and will alert you to any pitfalls that we see in the contract.

You'll also find people from the same age group as you on our team. Our diverse team in terms of age and experience can get you your first home,family home or investment property handled by our most suited agent.

We'll act as your Realtor for any home in the Blue Sky region, which includes North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Callander, Astorville, Bonfield, Mattawa, Nipissing, Powassan, Temagami and any other local town or community.

The Process

  1. Contact North Bay Property Shop.

    We'll get the process started to become your Realtor for the purchase of your home.

  2. Make an appointment with a lender for pre-approval and rate guarantee.

    A pre-approval will provide you with a reality check prior to mapping out your life in a home that you cannot afford. We can provide you with a list of lenders, saving you time.

  3. Look for a home with North Bay Property Shop.

    Let us know what your preferences are (for example, how many bedrooms, large backyard, etc.). The more we know about what you like and don't like, the easier the process will be. We will also preview homes for you to make sure they fit your requirements so we don't waste your time on showings which won't appeal to you.

  4. Prepare and negotiate an acceptable offer.

    North Bay Property Shop will help you come up with an offer that the seller is likely to accept. Negotiating an offer that is acceptable to all parties is one of the best reasons to hire a Realtor when you buy a home - let us handle the tricky negotiations so you can get the home of your dreams.

  5. Fulfill all offer conditions.

    It's important that all deadlines be met and that all conditions are met exactly the way the offer describes. North Bay Property Shop is responsible for making sure this is done correctly, but there are also tasks you have to do within a certain timeline. We'll make sure you know what these are well in advance.

  6. Prepare for closing.

    The real estate lawyer conducting the settlement should be able to explain every document to you in a satisfactory manner. North Bay Property Shop is always available for questions as well.

  7. Moving day.

    Be sure to change your address with the post office, your banks and any creditors at least 30 days in advance. Also, call to order utility hookups approximately 10 days prior to your move. We will have a list of contact information.Planning ahead will make for a much smoother move.

Buying a new home?

Our expert advice will guide you every step of the way.

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