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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

By Carlee Noel on 10-12-18

It's November, and many of us have already started our Christmas gift shopping. Finding the perfect gift for someone seems to get harder and harder. Especially for children. The toy shelves are crammed with the latest and greatest toys, but let's face it, the last thing we (or the kids) need are more toys to end up forgotten on a shelf cluttering the house. So, what do we get them? Here are a few great ideas for children (or adult!) Christmas gifts in lieu of a pile of toys.

Magazine Subscription

Magazine subscriptions are fantastic. They give your child something to look forward to each month. There is a magazine for almost every interest or hobby. A few examples include Chirp, Muse (Smithsonian for kids), National Geographic Little Kids and Kids, OWL.


The perfect gift for the active and busy minded child. Soccer fan? Hockey fanatic? Artsy Craft Expert? Why not give them something fun to do for Christmas? Enrol them in a class of their favourite activity and they'll have a gift that lasts for at least a few months and may even end up being a long-term passion.


Do you have a budding scientist? Or perhaps an animal expert? Memberships to things such as Science North, the Zoo, or the museum, will provide your child & family with many fun trips to their favourite place, not to mention most memberships end up giving you discounts on special activities happening at the venue and many other perks.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Now this is a new and interesting trend that is cropping up. Monthly subscription boxes are so much fun. This might require some research on your part, there are monthly boxes for almost any are of interest, and most of those designed for children have different age groups to order from. KiwiCo. for your innovative child that likes to tinker, and LittlePassports for your explorer that loves to learn about other parts of the world, are just two options. There are also single boxes you can order, without subscribing for the whole year.

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