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Tips & Tricks for Spring Cleaning From The Inside Out

By Carlee Noel on 20-04-17

Written By  Carlee Noel

  • For inside...
    Now that we are getting more hours of daylight take a good look around your home. That extra sunshine may shed a little light on some areas of the house that could use a little attention. 
  • Make it a family project!
    This year, make spring cleaning a family affair and enlist the help of everyone. Many hands still make light work and this can provide the opportunity to teach our “littles” some valuable life lessons such as taking care of our things, donating the things we no longer use and the self satisfaction of putting in a little sweat equity. It probably won’t hurt to bribe them with a little ice cream for a job well done!
  • Work room by room.
    This helps to avoid becoming overwhelmed and divide the chores so that they are age appropriate and achievable. Areas to focus on are cleaning window coverings, washing windows as well as under and behind furniture that rarely moves.
  • Check for deficiencies.
    Check the caulking around your windows and any damaged weather stripping. Attending to these things now can you save on air conditioning later. While you’re at it, take the time to change your HVAC filters. This will keep you breathing easier and your HVAC equipment running better. Don’t forget to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Now for outside....
    As I look out the window I can see buds starting to sprout on the trees and a few blades of green grass…..along with fallen branches, dried up leaves and dare I say a few “presents” from our fur babies. Mother Nature beckons us outside at this time of year with whispered promises of sunshine and warm breezes. However, I know this isn’t the time of year to bust out those new shoes we’ve been dying to wear! Save the inside cleaning for the rainy, dreary and cool days and get everyone outside on the days that promise a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sun.
  • Clean up the yard.
    While you are out there, may as well start raking (again) to get rid of the leaves and “presents”. It’s a great time to give the garden a little attention and get things ready for summers blooms.
  • Get re-acquainted with the pressure washer.
    Let’s move away from the topic of droppings and talk about washing. Now is a good time to pressure wash or hose down the driveway, vinyl siding, walkways and patio furniture. Don’t forget to turn on your outdoor tap back on (I’m sure each and every one of you turned it off last fall) to get this task done.
  • We covered some basics for inside and outside the home today but this list can be exhaustive. Remember to look with your critical eye when going over your home; prevention can save an awful lot of frustration and empty pockets in the future if you make a smaller investment of time (and sometimes money) now. Never hesitate to call on a professional for help and if you aren’t sure who to use for the job you are trying to tackle reach out to us anytime. We just may know someone with the skills you are searching for.

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