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Time for Spring Gardening

By Carlee Noel on 22-04-19

Since we talked about fall gardening and tips, we thought it would be a good time to also provide some tips for spring gardening. Spring gardening is way more fun than fall. This is the time to plan your colourful annuals, and excitedly anticipate your garden beds coming back to life. If outdoor gardens are not your thing, we will be doing a blog post in the very near future about indoors gardens!

Compost pile

Spring is a great time to set up and start your compost pile, before you get busy pruning and weeding your beds. Gardens will yield a lot of material that is easily compostable and can be used at a later date to fertilize your gardens. Not to mention, your green kitchen scraps can go in there too!

 Clean garden beds

Clean out your garden beds and tidy borders. This does get done in the fall, but there’s always something left in the spring. Clearing your garden beds will provide your perennials better opportunity to flourish. Don’t forget to throw the cleared organic matter in the newly set up compost pile!

 Move your deciduous shrubs

Early spring is a good time to move any deciduous shrubs you have decided need to be relocated.

They are still dormant at this stage. Make sure they haven’t started to create new stems or buds before you decide to relocate them!

 For best results dig a circular trench around the shrub, giving it a wide berth. Try to take as much of the root ball as possible so it can re-establish itself in its new location as quickly as possible. Remember to place shrub at same level in soil as previous location and water well!

Install your rain barrels

Get those rain barrels installed to start catching that unavoidable spring rain. Gardens thrive better when watered with rain water, and not tap water. Not to mention, it will lighten your water bill.  Make sure the freezing temperatures are over before installing rain barrels, as they can crack.

Clean and sharpen your tools!

Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop your long awaited first gardening session because of dull/broken tools. Get out there and sharpen and clean (or replace) your gardening tools now before you need them!

 Use strong detergent, hot water and a scourer to give bladed tools a thorough clean. Sharpening your tools will improve their performance; they'll be easier to work with and will give cleaner pruning cuts. Once sharpened, apply some oil or WD40 to blades and hinges.

Fences and Gates

Check your fences, gates and trellis for any sign of weather damage or decay. Get ahead of any major issues by fixing broken structures now.

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