Century 21

Summer Heat vs Your Home

By Carlee Noel on 18-07-19

We often discuss the damages our cold winters can do to our homes, but rarely do we think about what damages the heat can cause. As Leeann mentioned in our Tuesday Talk last week, there are a few key points to keep in mind. We thought we’d expand on those with this blog post.

Protect your Foundation

High heat and dry conditions can be detrimental to your foundation. The hot temperatures and lack of moisture cause the soil around your foundation to shrink back, no longer supporting your foundation. This can cause cracks and even rotation or dropping of foundation footings. Make sure you keep the area around you home watered.


Save your Shingles

Your shingles can also take a hit. In addition to the beating sun from above, excess heat moving through the roof from the attic below can drastically shorten the life of a shingled roof. Make sure you provide adequate venting. Ensure your roof vents are in good condition, and you may even have to add a few new ones. You can extend the life of your existing roof by installing a power vent to your attic, or even a thermostatically-controlled window fan to move hot air out.


Sweaty Pipes

Humid hot air coming in contact with cool surfaces such as basement walls and cold water pipes can cause significant condensation. Condensation can lead to mold and other issues, using a dehumidifier in those areas is a great way to prevent that. Cold water pipes can be covered with insulation jackets. If you have a sweaty toilet, you can insert a Styrofoam liner into the tank.


Weathered Wood

Don’t forget about your exterior wood and decks. The sun can be very damaging to untreated wood, make sure you use a UV protecting stain/varnish to keep your decks looking new.

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