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House Hunting Online

By Carlee Noel on 21-01-19

We are all guilty of window shopping homes online at some point. Elegantly decorated rooms, sculpted gardens, colourful front doors, all feed into our inner window shopping diva, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you stay vigilant. Those listings may be seductive, but they may not be giving you the complete picture.

Factors Not Portrayed in Photos

That perfect detached back -split? Might be too close to a loud, traffic-choked street. That adorable vintage cottage style home with the light-filled photos? Might be hiding some serious plumbing problems. A picture is worth a thousand words, but may not always portray the full story. Make sure to also consider the property description and other key features.

Photos may not only be hiding issues, they may in fact not be portraying the property to its full potential. Lighting and room layout can be tricky and may not always show up well on photos.

Set Expectations...

..and arm yourself with a detailed plan. Create a plan of what you are specifically looking for in a house. Include things such as budget, location, room requirements and style of homes. Refrain from browsing homes that are not in your budget or do not meet your needs. You might think, what’s the harm in just browsing, but looking at the homes that don’t fit into your budget will in fact negatively skew your views when looking at homes that are in your budget.

Use Reliable Sites

You wouldn’t read last month’s People for the latest gossip, right? So you shouldn’t browse property sites that show old listings.

Get the latest listings from realtor.com®, which pulls its information every 15 minutes from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) regional databases where real estate agents post listings for sale. That means that realtor.com®’s listings are more accurate than others. You wouldn’t want to get your heart set on a house that’s already off the market. Heading to the website of your local real estate agent is also a good place to start.

Your Agent is your Best Friend

Browsing realtor websites for houses, although a good starting point, will only give you working knowledge of the property. They show you active listings, sold properties, home prices, and sales histories.

This is why a real estate agent will be your best friend.The best agents have in depth local knowledge of the market and may even know details and histories of some properties. They will be able to paint a picture of the neighbourhood, deliver details on specific properties and guide you away from homes with hidden issues. Let your agent get to know you, and they’ll help you with finding your dream home perfectly suited to you.

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