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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

By Carlee Noel on 15-02-19

There are many small and large projects you can tackle to get your home ready to sell and increase its value. It can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start. Here are a few large and small tasks, that will have the largest impact and return when selling your home.

#1 Fix Flooring

Dirty and worn carpet, cracked hardwood and tired linoleum will give your home a sad and worn appearance.  Buyers immediately notice flooring and will strike your property off their list before they even finish the tour.

Spring for new flooring, you will get 100% in return. Replace carpet with a new neutral one, refinish or replace cracked hardwood and lay down some fresh linoleum.

Replacing broken hardwood floors doesn’t necessarily mean all of it. If there’s just a couple of small damaged areas, a professional can come and replace it without having to do the whole room.

#2 Fix Water Stains!

You may have learned to live with that lovely yellow stain on your ceiling, but buyers will immediately become wary of leak issues, even if the issue has been fixed.

First make sure the issue is fixed. Hire a plumber to find the source of the leak and repair it. Then fix the visual evidence of water stains by replacing the drywall and repainting.

#3 Paint

Give your house an immediate and cost-efficient face lift with some new paint. Choose neutral colours, they’ll provide a blank slate for the potential buyer and make your home look bigger. Fresh paint goes a long way to making your house look clean, fresh and inviting.

#4 Replace those light bulbs

Stock up on light bulbs and replace all bulbs in fixtures that are dim/out. Poor lighting makes your home extremely uninviting, and a flickering light as we all know is rather unsettling.

Once your house is listed, the lights will be on a lot through showings. Make sure you have extra bulbs on hand to replace burnt out ones.

#5 Update/Clean Grout

Is your grout dirty or yellowing? Or perhaps a colour not found very often? Clean it or replace it.

Grout, although small, has a huge visual impact and can quickly make your bathroom or kitchen look outdated. This small fix may cost just $1 to $2 per square foot, and make your floors or backsplash look brand new.

#6 Revive that Lawn

If your lawn is brown, scraggly or patchy, your home loses curb appeal. For potential buyers that can be a big turn off and for you a lost sale. Spend some time reviving your lawn. Sometimes it is a simple a providing additional water and re-seeding. Minimal cost for big return.

#7 Get Rid of Pet Damage

Did sweet little Rover chew the bottom of the door? Did that cuddly kitten claw the corner of the carpet? Fix it. Pet damage, no matter how small, will prompt the buyer to start searching for more damages and issues.

 #8 Bring Live Back to the Kitchen

Tackling a full kitchen renovation is not always in your budget, nor will you recoup 100% back in your sale. There are some smaller projects you can do that will make your kitchen look updated.

Painting cupboards, installing new hardware, new countertops and/or new appliances could be enough to make your kitchen shine. And don’t forget the previous points of flooring and grout.

#9 Give your House a Deep Clean

This one is almost a given. Giving your house a deep clean gets rid of all that accumulated dirt in those pesky nooks and crannies. Once the deep clean has been completed, it will be easy to maintain your house to be sparkling clean throughout your sales cycle.

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