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Creating Attainable Goals

By Carlee Noel on 07-01-19

Happy New Year! 2019 has arrived, and so has our list of Goals for the year. We've all experienced how hard it is to stick to our goals, so we'd like to help out with a few helpful tips to making your goals more attainable.

Specific Timeline & Metrics
Be very specific in the goal that you would like to achieve. Set clear timelines and details.
Instead of saying I want to make more money, state “By November 2019 I will have a job
that pays me $x a year”. By setting clear timelines and metrics you will have a clear
achievement to work towards, prompting you to maintain your actions towards achieving
your  goal.

Create a Vision Board
Yes, we’ve all heard the phrase “make a vision board”. So you bust out the fancy magazines and post pictures of vacation spots, money, new house etc. That only shows you the end result. Create a vision board that shows you completing the work that will lead to your goal. A new resume and list of job applications you’ve completed, picture of you working out to hit your fitness goal, your business schedule designed to help you increase revenue, etc.  

Daily Discipline
Create a daily discipline of envisioning yourself achieving your goal. Condition your unconscious mind to align with your conscious mind in believing that you will achieve your goal and that you can be all that you want.

Set Inspired Goals
For you to successfully achieve your goals, you need to set goals that inspire you. Goals that get you so excited by idea of achieving them that you are 100% motivated to do every task required. Your goals need to align your core values with your identity and your vision for your life. For example, if one of your core values is family, then creating a goal that is not family oriented might not be a good idea.

Not a Chore, Habits and Lifestyle
We all have auto-pilot rituals, habits, that we do every day and we don’t even realize that we are doing them anymore. Our daily tasks to achieve our goals should become habits and not chores that we have to remind and force ourselves to do. By turning our tasks  into habits, we will foster an entire new lifestyle that will drive us to achieve our goals.

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