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5 Tips for a Bug Free Yard and Home

By Carlee Noel on 05-08-19

We like to think we’ve made peace with the fact that we live in an area where the Blackflies are hungry, and the Mosquitoes are fierce. But let's be honest, we haven't, so here's a few tricks to help keep our yards and homes bug free.


Tidy Yard

This first tip is pretty straight forward. Keeping your yard tidy, trimmed and mowed, will provide fewer

hiding spots for those pests. Ticks like to sit in high grass and bushes, lurking and waiting for an

unsuspecting human or pet. Bushes or limbs touching the house can provide an easy pathway for pests

into your home. As an added bonus, a tidy yard makes for great curb appeal.


Avoid Standing Water

 This is another one we’ve all heard. Minimize standing pools of water around your home. It makes for a fantastic breeding ground for mosquitoes. Check for empty flower pots and other vessels that can collect water. Most importantly, clean your gutters and downspouts regularly! We often forget about this as we can’t see the pooled water, however, clogged gutters and downspouts will collect water and make for great mosquito breeding havens. If you’ve got a small pond, make sure it has water flow and is aerated to keep those pesky mosquitoes out.


Add Plants

Bugs hate strong scents of mint or citrus. Mix plants with those scents into your garden, especially

near the porch, patio, or deck. Create beautiful gardens that are functional. If you have pets that roam

the gardens, keep in mind to check the safety of each plant, as some can be toxic to them.

Here are some plants best for repelling mosquitoes and flies: Basil, Catnip, Lavender, Citronella,

Geraniums, Lemon Thyme, Marigold, Rosemary, Mint and Pennyroyal.

Seal your Home

Make sure your window screens fit snuggly into the frame and that there are no gaps. Fill any gaps with foam tape you can find at your local hardware store. Check doorframes to make sure they are sealed properly. Replace the seals or add a nylon door sweep if needed. It’s not just your windows and doors though. To keep bugs out, use mortar or cement to patch foundations and masonry walls. Clear away damaged bricks and add new ones, filling the joints with mortar. Replace rotting wood or trim, and repair or replace damaged sections of siding or cladding.

Patio Fans

Installing patio fans may not seem like much, but those fierce mosquitoes have a secret.

Mosquitoes despise flying in a breeze. Patio fans can keep your outdoor living are free of mosquitos

and other small fliers, and you get to enjoy a nice cool summer breeze.

These few tips should help make your backyard BBQs and entertaining a bit more enjoyable!

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