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5 Organization Hacks

By Carlee Noel on 04-03-19

Organizing can be a tedious chore. We’ve found some great tricks for organizing items used almost every day, but not necessarily always thought about when organizing.

Sort those Sheets

We know. Folding fitted sheets nicely is like visiting the dentist. It has to be done but we will avoid it as long as possible and complain throughout.  HOWEVER! Taking the time to fold your sheets and then placing them inside the matching pillow case will make your linen closet look like a million dollars. Not to mention it will be super easy to change sheets, no more hunting for matches.

Pantry Pandemonium

Baskets are your friends! Pantries are full of oddly shaped items, and baskets are a great way to contain them and organize your shelves. Put all your soups together and corral those boxes of macaroni. Not only will it make cooking so much easier, you’ll also save money grocery shopping. No more guessing as to what you have in your pantry or having to throw out expired food that’s been hiding at the back of the shelf.

Keep your Boots Beautiful

Is your entryway closet or shoe closet overwhelmed with boots? Boots have a habit of tipping over and creating disarray in your closets and getting scuffed in the process. Use pant hangers to hang them up, especially in off season. Great way to keep them looking sharp, and it keeps your closet floor free and tidy.

Silly Scarves

Scarves are our best friends. From comfy cozy to elegantly trendy, we all have that drawer (or let’s be honest, box on the closet floor) full of scarves that is always exploding. This little trick is by far one of our favourites. Take a sturdy, wood would be best, coat hanger and grab some plastic shower curtain rings from the dollar store.  Put the rings on the bottom bar of coat hanger and loop your scarves through the rings. VOILA! Your scarves are instantly organized, visible and easily accessible. You can even colour code them!

Control the Posse of Purses

 Some of us have a love of collecting purses, and that’s totally okay! However, they do take up a lot of space and can easily be damaged in the mayhem of our closest. Using S hooks is a simple and efficient way to organize and protect your purses and bags. Simply hang them on your closet bar and hang your purses on the hooks.

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