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4 Kitchen Trends of 2019

By Carlee Noel on 02-07-19

Let’s talk kitchens! As we all know, kitchens are the heart of the home. Not only are they the gathering place for family meals, they are also one of the biggest deciding factors for new buyers. So we thought we’d compile some kitchen reno trends, in case you need any ideas for your kitchen. Or maybe you just want to find out what’s trending for 2019.


Black is Back

It would appear that black is the “it” colour for 2019. Now this one took us by surprise as it is a very dark colour for a kitchen. But we have to say, even if it’s not your favourite, it does make for some striking décor. A matte black cupboard with a wood countertop, complete with black tiled backsplash, really ties together earthy and trendy in a moody and soulful look. Or you can flip it around, white cupboards with elegant glossy black granite countertops and black hardware. A clean and bold statement.


Back to Nature

Not to worry though, if black accented kitchens aren’t your thing, the natural look is a trend that’s going strong. Two tone kitchens with natural wood cabinetry and a soft complementing colour, such aws white, create a beautiful and natural feel.

Along with the wood, raw materials are becoming stars in the kitchen space. Organic/raw stone tiles are very popular and add a warm natural feel to your space. So let your wood, stone and shiplap shine!


Colour Crazy

And if black, wood and natural stone aren’t your thing, well you’re in luck. Coloured cabinetry is a trend that’s growing. Using coloured cabinets is a great way create a mood and make a statement with your kitchen. Pairing the colours up with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting colours finishes the bold look.

Bye Bye Top Cabinets

This one is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But if done right can look fantastic. It’s getting more and more popular to replace upper cabinets with open glass, wood or metal shelving that compliments the rest of your kitchen design. Open shelves can create beautiful spaces for you to display your china and kitchen wares.

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